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2017 Canada Wildlife Project

I had the pleasure of meeting Robert and Stephanie Watson at the Great Vacations Travel Expo in Columbus, Ohio in February, 2017.  They own and operate Watson's Windy Point Lodge which is located north of Wawa, Ontario Canada and accessible only by float plane.  I was hired by the family to photograph the wildlife around their beautiful lodge on the pristine and massive Kabinakagami Lake.  Images here are just some of the photographs that we were able to provide the family during our 5 day excursion into the wilderness.  My thanks to Dick, Robert, Stephanie, and staff for the opportunity to serve their needs and for providing excellent accommodations and wonderful meals!  Any my thanks to my girlfriend, Sara Klein, for being my spotter and photographing the landscapes.
All images ©Hideta Nagai, Photographer.


After a 60 mile flight from Wawa, Ontario, the 7-seat turbo-prop arrives to off-load another batch of excited travelers.


The lake was pristene.  The air clean.  The skies beautiful with clouds so low that it was enjoyable just watching them float by.


A beautiful afternoon with only the sounds of loons in the distance.


What would become one of our favorite destinations, Hidden Lake (just one of many tributaries into Kabinakagami Lake) had two major sections, each of which would have been considered lakes in their own right in Ohio.  Both sections were accessible by a single narrow channel scarcely the width of our boat and totally hidden unless one knew where to look.


A flock of female common mergansers with their young resting along just one of countless rocky islands.


A gorgeous loon coming out of a dive for fish in the crystal clear Kabinakagami Lake.


Common mergansers take flight in the late afternoon light.


After being formally introduced to bald eagles, they seemed to be everywhere.  Seeming to appear out of nowhere.


A chick being fed and taught how to fish for subsequent generations to come.


After two days of searching for eagles on our own with not too much success, Dick Watson took us out to places he knew had eagle activilty.  In the very first spot, as soon as he turned off the engine he exclaimed "LOOK UP!"  I had barely enough time to capture this bald eagle as it passed nearly directly over our boat.


This beautiful adult landing on the tallest evergreen on the smallest of islands.


A second year juvenile bald eagle soars overhead.


Black bears were second to the eagles on my list to photograph.  We finally saw two bears on the very last night we were there.  The light was fading fast and Sara and I both thought we were starting to see things.  I was able to capture only a few frames before they disappeared into the wilderness from which they came.


Another beautiful adult passing majestically in the late afternoon light.


Another beautiful ending to a wonder filled day.



Leaving a magical wonderland to return back to a world which seems so far away and now so complicated and busy.

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